About Us

As a small woodworking shop we are able to provide custom solutions to your specific needs at a reasonable price.  We specialize in custom made projects that are individually priced to meet your needs and best of all, you get to see what it will look like before we proceed to make it.  After you contact us for a custom carved sign or project we will prepare a quote and a software generated image of your project for your approval prior to going to production.  We are flexible in the size and shape of your project and we have a large variety of fonts to help complement the design.  We will also help with the selection of wood type, thickness and finish.

What makes us better than everyone else?

We produce these items using our commercial grade CNC machine and hand finish them. Many of these items can be embellished with your company logo (customer supplied suitable artwork required) or with a CNC carved 2D or 3D graphic, model or flourish. There are hundreds of models to choose from including loon’s, deer’s, bear’s, dog’s, cat’s, fish, sports or religious themed models such as a cross or a 3D carved model of “The Last Supper” (see Gallery).

Here are some other ways we can assist you with your projects:

CNC general project cut-outs – if you have a particular object that you need cut out by CNC we can use your drawing or, we can custom design your object or project for your approval.  Contact us to see how we can help.

Cabinet Makers – contact us to see how we can help you enhance the project you are making for your customers by adding 3D carvings or artistic flourishes.

Home Renovations – need a specific size of wood to help you finish off that home project you are working on?  Contact us and we will make it for you.  We can provide exact width, thickness and shape.  Need a custom made oak door threshold transition for that floor tiling project you are working on.  Contact us for a quote.

Custom Artwork – Got a business or club you need a custom sign for.  We can work with you and your artwork to prepare a custom sign or plaque.

So if for example, you are looking for:
– a custom cottage sign carved in cedar,
– a quilt rack to display the beautiful quilt you own,
– a Celtic cross carved in oak
– a craft beer serving paddle carved in ash with your company logo
– a military officer sword display board carved in solid oak
– a general sign with a name, slogan, or wording you provide carved in cedar, cherry, oak, or pine wood, we can make it for you.

We have a variety of fonts for you to choose from when designing your personalized sign or project.

Or maybe you are looking for:
– a wildlife scene for that coatrack or rustic fireplace mantel you are installing,
– a key shaped key holder for your wall that you can paint or stain yourself to match your décor,
– a new number sign for your house,
– a recognition plaque for that special person,
– a little reader helper for your thumb, or a custom key tag or nameplate with your name spelled the way you spell it, or,
– some individual letters cut out of wood or MDF or other wood of your choice that you can use to spell out a meaningful word or name such as “FAMILY” or “LOVE”.

Pricing –  As a small shop, we are able to provide competitive prices for our work while maintaining high quality standards. Here are some typical costs you could expect for your project:

Simple cedar carved sign 24 inches width – $30

Solid 36 inch oak coatrack with carved 3D image – $120  and upwards (dependent on size and number of hooks)

Military sword display board 44 inches in width including unit emblem, custom wording and artwork (customer supplied) – $175